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 Ok. So you wanna know something more about me... So... I was born in a town Subotica on the north of Yugoslavia in the year 1975. My full name is Nenad Mirkov and I'm a third year student of Technical faculty in Zrenjanin. My interest in computers and computer technology started long ago, when I got 
my first computer...  It was Commodore 64, very popular in those days... Well, that's how I started (with only 64 Kb of memory). As the time passed, when I came back from the army, I got my first PC...
    My interest is now based on software developing with Visual Fox PRO, HTML and Java programming (I don't know much about this last, as you see, but I attend to learn it ).
     Besides computers, I am great animal lover... And when I say that I think of pets (dogs specially).  I have a Siberian Husky named LUKY ( he has his own page on the Net).
    Ok. That would be all about myself what I can think of now...
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